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Getting Rid of Your Old Mattress in Corpus Christi 

We've compiled some of the best solutions for disposing of that old mattress

Getting Rid of Your Old Mattress in Corpus Christi 

Getting Rid of Your Old Mattress in Corpus Christi  1024 768 SAMCRO

Mattresses are responsible for about one-third of your day and life, however, they can be a real pain to deal with when they finish their intended use. The large rectangular cushions are not built to be portable, just sleepable, which can cause some hesitation to those who are leaping from one bed to the next. If you’re dreading the day your old mattress will be saying “sayonara” then here are some things to keep in mind.

Wait for the city to do it

The City of Corpus Christi picks up big and bulky trash from people’s homes several times throughout the year for free. They’ll come throughout other times of the year, but usually also come with an invoice in hand, so if you just need to get that ratty old mattress out, then checking out when the next bulky trash pick up date is your next step. This is probably one of the easier ways to do it, but if you have some time, you should see about other possibilities like…

Get rid of the mattress yourself 

Mattresses are one of the most difficult items to get rid of responsibly. Not only is the used material most likely not suitable for anyone else, but the ingredients that make up the mattress usually don’t go well with nature. 

You can deconstruct the mattress yourself by taking the mattress apart and disposing of the materials from there. Torn apart and broken down, mattresses are not only easier to deal with but you can make the most of it. The wooden parts of the mattress can be used for other projects you might be going through or simply just for the fireplace. Considering that 50,000 mattresses are thrown out each day, trying to ease up your environmental footprint is never a bad thing.

Find a recycling program

Many mattress companies are aware that their products don’t work well with the environment, so many will take them back from you. Do some research with your mattress brand to see if there’s a simple way to get rid of your mattress with some ease. 

Bye Bye Mattress is a great website to search for places in your area that will take your mattress if the manufacturer wants nothing to do with it. They also have more resources and answers if you have the questions.

Saying goodbye is hard, but most of the times with mattresses, it’s long overdue. Instead of worrying about what you are going to do, make some plans to do what’s best for your mattress. After what they’ve done for you, it’s only right.

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